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Welcome to Academy for Corporate Management    

Background of the Academy
The Academy for Corporate Management (ACM), was incorporated in February 2010 and is  a subsidiary of the Centre for Corporate Management and Development Pte Ltd (CCMD).

ACM undertakes to provide preparatory courses in compliance with the Private Education Act.                        







Achieving Training Excellence and Life-Long Learning
ACM caters to the learning needs and professional development of working adults (including industry/company leaders, senior managers, working professionals and academic students.)


Passing Rates

EDCA April 2015 Examination

ICSA IQS May 2015 Examination

EDCA August 2015 Examination

ICSA IQS November 2015 Examination

EDCA November 2015 Examination

ICSA IQS May 2016 Examination 

EDCA April 2016 Examination

EDCA August 2016 Examination