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Preparatory Course for CGI Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme (CGQP) - Part-Time


Course Structure

Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme (CGQP) is awarded by Chartered Governance Institute (CGI).

The CGQP is a qualifying programme accredited by the Chartered Governance Institute (CGI) as part of the requirement for its membership. The CGI UK Division develops the CGQP, and ACM is the authorised tuition provider for the preparatory course for the Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme.

Timeable & Trainers

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CGQP Part 1 - Modules Modules Code Lecturer Day Start Date End Date
Corporate Governance CG Mr. Graham Owens Mon/ Sat 03 Feb 2020 18 May 2020
Corporate Law CLAW Mr. Chinnatamby Nandakumar Tue/ Sat 04 Feb 2020 19 May 2020
Corporate Compliance & Administration  CCA Ms. Chiang Chai Foong Thu/ Sat 06 Feb 2020 30 Apr 2020
Interpreting Financial & Accounting Information IFAI Mr. Krishna Kumar Fri/ Sat 07 Feb 2020

22 May 2020

CGQP Part 2 - Modules Modules Code Lecturer Day Start Date End Date
Development of Strategy DOS Ms. Sushila Chelliah Tue/ Sat 04 Feb 2020 19 May 2020
Boardroom Dynamics BDY Mr. Lee Thiam Soon Thu/ Sat 06 Feb 2020 14 May 2020
Risk Management RM Mr. Benjamin Ngo Fri/ Sat 07 Feb 2020 22 May 2020
Please note that lesson date(s) are not fixed on the same day of every week.
  • Each Cohort commences on (i) January/February to May (ii) July to November every year.
  • 16/18 Lessons per module to be conducted once a week and held in a classroom setting.
  • Tutorial time: 6.30pm to 9.30pm (3 hour/ lesson)/ 6.30pm to 10.00pm (3.5 hour/ lesson) on Weekdays
                          10.00am to 5.00pm OR 9.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays
  • Duration per module 54 hours
  • Course duration (in months): 20 Months | Course Duration (in weeks): 5 Months / 18 Weeks
  • Teacher-Student Ratio (Tutorial – Average Size): 1:50
  • The tutorial lesson plan has excluded the number of public holidays and ensures that no tutorials will be conducted during public holidays.
Lesson Schedule AY.Jan-May 2020

Admission Criteria

The minimum entry requirement is as follow:
  • SAICSA Executive Diploma in Corporation Administration (EDCA);
  • Members of the Chartered Accountancy Profession Bodies Business Degree; or
  • Degree (Bachelor/Master) from accredited universities

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may also apply but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

For further information on Admission and Examination, please email to



The examination will be held every June and November.
Each module is assessed in a 3-hour written paper with 15 minutes reading time prior.
The student will be notified of the results within 10 weeks after the conclusion of the examinations by CSIS/ CGI Singapore Division.
The grades of an award are defined in Clause 1.3. of Student Contract.

Fee and Payments

The prevailing Preparatory Course Fee per module is $825.00** (exclude 7% GST). This fee includes tutorials and study materials. Re-sit Course Fee per module is $415.00** (exclude 7% GST). This fee is only applicable to students who did not pass a module. For newly registered students, they have to pay the One-Time (Non-Refundable) Registration Fee of $53.50 (inclusive of 7% GST).

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First Attempt

Registration Fee w/o GST 7% GST Fee Payable (S$)
Enrollment Fees (Non-Refundable and only applicable to NEW STUDENTS) $50.00 $3.50 $53.50
Total Course Fee $825.00 $57.75 $882.75
Breakdown of Course Fee (For 1 Module) w/o GST 7% GST Fee Payable (S$)
On Registration Fee $275.00 $19.25 $294.25
1st Instalment (GIRO) $275.00 $19.25 $294.25
Final Instalment (GIRO) $275.00 $19.25 $294.25
Total Amount Payable $825.00 $57.75 $882.75
Breakdown of Course Fee (For 2 Modules) w/o GST 7% GST Fee Payable (S$)
On Registration Fee $550.00 $38.50 $588.50
1st Instalment (GIRO) $550.00 $38.50 $588.50
Final Instalment (GIRO) $550.00 $38.50 $588.50
Total Amount Payable $1650.00 $115.50 $1765.50

Re-Sit Module (Applicable to CLaw, CCA & CG modules only)

Fee w/o GST 7% GST Fee Payable (S$)w/GST
Per Module Fee $415.00 $29.05 $444.05
Fee (For 1 Module) w/o GST 7% GST Total (w/GST)
On Registration $145.00 $10.15 $155.15
1st Instalment (GIRO) $135.00 $9.45 $144.45
Final Instalment (GIRO) $135.00 $9.45 $144.45
Total Amount Payable $415.00 $29.05 $444.05
Miscellaneous Fee w/o GST 7% GST Total (w/GST)

Administrative Charges will be applicable for the following transactions:

  • Dishonoured Cheque by Bank
  • Refund transaction due to FULL PAYMENT 
$50.00 $3.50 $53.50
** Fee is subject to change annually

Payment Method: Fee may be paid by GIRO/ PAYNOW/ NETS / CHEQUE. Cheque should be made payable to “ACM Pte Ltd". Please refer to the Fee Structure on the instalment plan. Do take note that FULL PAYMENT in ADVANCE for the course fee will not be accepted.

How to register?

Total module per intake:
Students are allowed to attempt a maximum of two (2) modules per intake.
Submission of registration form in any mode does not imply that a student is registered for the preparatory course.
Registration will be confirmed when the following documents are received by (“ACM”).

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  New Student Existing Student
1. Registration Form X X
2. Form 12 Advisory Note X X
3. Personal Data Protection Act Consent Form X X
4. Student Identity Verification Form X X
5. Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) Form X -
6. Passport Size Photograph X -
7. Copy of CSIS Exemption Letter X -
8. Copy of Student’s NRIC / Permit X -
9. Copy of Student’s Certificate & Transcripts X -
10. Student Contract - A sample copy of the student contract will be given to the student for reference. X -
Download the following forms for signature(s) and your information:
Personal/Individual Registration CGQP Jan2020 Company/Individual Registration CGQP Jan2020
**The online registration is only a pre-registration, student's enrollment will be confirmed upon receiving students complete documents and payment.