Terms of Use

Terms of use

1)Definition Information
The term 'ACM' refers to the owner of this website, whereas, the term 'user' refers to the user or viewer of our website.
This website and its contents are subject to copyright protection under the laws of Singapore. The copyright in the contents and materials available on this website as a whole is owned by Academy for Corporate Management (ACM). However, the copyright in some contents and materials incorporated within this website may be owned by third parties where so indicated.

Users are allow to view this website, save/download an electronic copy or print out a copy of information from this website solely for your own research or study purposes. Otherwise, no part of the materials or contents available on this website may be licensed, sold, reproduced, published, modified, transmitted and publicly displayed without the prior permission of ACM.
2.1) Limitation of Liability
ACM does not guarantee that the website will be free from viruses or any other errors or defects. Under no circumstances shall ACM be held liable for any direct or indirect loss/damage from the use or inability to use the website.

3)Third Party Content
The materials or contents published on this website is provided or submitted by ACM alliance partners and other third parties. ACM do not usually review, approve or take editorial responsibility for such materials or contents. ACM shall not be held liable for any misuse, damage and loss of such materials or contents published on its website.
3.1) Third Party Advertising
ACM allow third party advertisers to place job advertisements on this website, of which we will not be responsible for the contents of such job advertisements or for user’s access, use, reliance, application, or other action on your part with respect to the contents or subject matter of such job advertisements.
3.2) Links to and from Third-Party Site
The links on this website may allow you to leave ACM websites to third-party websites. The website may also feature web feeds with contents from third-party sites. The hyperlinked websites are not under the control of ACM and shall not be responsible for any of the contents, changes, amendments and updates of such websites. ACM shall not be held liable for any losses, damages, costs and expenses suffered or incurred by you from the access to those hyperlinked websites and web feeds.

ACM is only providing these hyperlinks and web feeds as a matter of convenience to users, and not implied as an endorsement of the hyperlinked websites or its contents. Under no circumstances shall ACM be considered to be associated or affiliated with any of those trade or service marks, logos and insignia appearing on those websites to which are hyperlinked to this website.

ACM has the rights to disable any cache, links or frames of any websites that contains infringe, obscene, offensive, unlawful, defamatory, or any others inappropriate material or information. 

4)Interactive Features
ACM website includes interactive chat feature that allow users to communicate with us, because of the limited nature of such communication, any form of assistance you received via the chat facility may be incomplete and misleading at times. ACM will not be not held liable for any form of loss or damage for any misguided information.

While ACM employs reasonable endeavours to provide user with the right and accurate information and materials, of which ACM make no guarantee that the information and materials on this website are up-to-date or fit for a purpose.

ACM shall not be held liable for any omissions or errors on the website which includes any of the information, contents, and materials. The contents, information and materials provided to you on this website serve as information purposes only, by all means, without representations, warranties or guarantees of any kind of express or implied. Users are at your sole risk for using this website and/or relying on any information provided through this website.

ACM make no representation, warranty or guarantee that your access to the website will be uninterrupted, timely or error-free. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, due to the on-going nature of the internet, user’s ability to access the website cannot be guaranteed. In addition, ACM need to carry out repairs, maintenance or introduction of new facilities and functions, from time to time, at ACM sole discretion without any prior notice.

ACM has the sole discretion to discontinue, alter or to stop its website services website without prior notice.

7)ACM Details
This website is owned and operated by Academy for Corporate Management (ACM) ACM are registered in Singapore under registration number [201003410D], and our registered office is at 149 Rochor Road, # 04-06, Fu Lu Shou Complex, Singapore 188425.

You may contact us:
7.1) Using our website enquiry form;
7.2) By telephone; (65) 6336-9806 from Monday to Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm; or
7.3) By email; at enquiry@acm.edu.sg