Specialist Diploma in Corporate Administration (SDCA) - Part-time


Course Structure


Specialist Diploma in Corporate Administration (SDCA) is awarded by the Academy for Corporate Management.

ACM course is offered on a per subject basis and all subjects will be assessed by written examinations. The qualification will be awarded if the student has completed and passed the examinations for all subjects in the Specialist Diploma in Corporate Administration (SDCA) programme.

Graduates of the Specialist Diploma in Corporate Administration (SDCA) may apply for admission to the CGI-Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme (CGQP).

ACM Course Information


Timetable & Trainers

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Business Accounting for SMEs & Singapore Financial Reporting Standards for Small Entities BA&SFRS-SE Mr. Krishna Kumar  Monday and Thursday Jan 2023 Mar 2023
Fundamentals in Risk Management  RM Ms. Shanti Sekhar Every
May 2023 Aug 2023
Fundamentals in Employment Legislation and Practice ELP Mr. Arthur Wee Every   Thursday May 2023 Aug 2023
Business Taxation for SMEs BT Ms . Sushila Chelliah Every Wednesday Sep 2023 Dec 2023
Corporate Compliance and Practice CCP Ms. Serene Kek Every
Sep 2023 Dec 2023
Please note that lesson date(s) are not fixed on the same day of every week.
  • Academic Year 2023:
    • Term 1: Jan - Mar 2023 
    • Term 2: May - Aug 2023
    • Term 3: Sep - Dec 2023
  • 14 to 18 lessons* per module to be conducted once a week.
  • The mode of delivery will be blended and future tutorials via e-learning, zoom, and webinars starting from the next semester.
    • Online learning will be conducted in place of a face-to-face session in accordance with the measures during COVID-19. 
  • Tutorial time:
    • 6.30pm to 9.30pm (3 hour per lesson) 
  • Duration:
    • 18 Lessons for Term 1 (BA & SFRS-SE)  
    • 14 Lessons for Term 2 (RM/ ELP) & Term 3 (BT/ CCP)
  • Total Contact Hours*
    • Term 1 (BA & SFRS-SE) - (18 lessons x 3 hours) 
    • Term 2 (RM/ ELP) & Term 3 (BT/ CCP) - (14 lessons x 3 hours) 
  • Course duration
    • Full Course Duration in Months: 12 Months 
    • Course Duration in Weeks: 4 Months / 14 Weeks 
  • Teacher-Student Ratio (Tutorial – Average Size):
    • 1:30 
  • The tutorial lesson plan has excluded the number of public holidays and ensures that no tutorials will be conducted during public holidays.

Full lesson schedule 2023

Admission Criteria

The minimum entry requirement is as follow:
  • Diploma of any discipline
  • GCE A-Levels with 2 years of working experience
  • GCE O-Levels/ ITE/ N-Levels with 5 years of working experience

Applicants who do not meet the above requirements may also apply but will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Students are required to submit the completed form together with one photograph and certified true copies of your educational certificates and details results to ACM.

For further information on Admission, Exemption and Examination, please contact us. 


  • The examination period for 2023: Term 1: Apr 2023/ Term 2: August 2023/Term 3: December 2023
  • Each subject is assessed in a 3-hour paper (online).
  • The student will be notified of the results within 10 weeks after the conclusion of the examinations by ACM.
  • The grades of an award are defined in Clause 1.3. of Student Contract. 

Fee and Payments

The course fees shall include tutorial lesson fees, textbooks and course materials as well as examination fees. Do take note that ACM will not accept FULL PAYMENT for the course fees. 

First Attempt

Fee w/o GST 8% GST Fee Payable (S$)
Enrolment Fee $50.00 $4.00 $54.00
Fee (For Subject Business Accounting for SMEs & Singapore Financial Reporting Standards for Small Entities - BA & SFRS-SE only) w/o GST 8% GST Fee Payable (S$)
On Registration $847.52 $67.80 $915.32
Final Instalment (GIRO) $847.48 $67.80 $915.28
  $1,695.00 $135.60 $1,830.60
Fee per subject (For all other subjects) w/o GST 8% GST Fee Payable (S$)
On Registration $675.00 $54.00 $729.00
Final Instalment (GIRO) $675.00 $54.00 $729.00
  $1,350.00 $108.00 $1,458.00
Miscellaneous Fee w/o GST 8% GST Total (w/GST)

Administrative Charges will be applicable for the following transactions:

  •  Dishonoured Cheque by Bank
  • Refund transaction due to FULL PAYMENT received 
$50.00 $4.00 $54.00
** Fee is subject to change annually

Payment Method:

For On-Registration Fees: Fee may be paid by PAYNOW/ BANK TRANSFER/ CHEQUE only.

For Instalments of the Course Fees: Payment can be made through PayNow, Bank Transfer or GIRO. Do take note that GIRO application is subjected to approval from the respective Banks.

Kindly download the GIRO Inter Bank Application Form and mail the ORIGINAL copy to ACM.

For Cheque payment: Kindly arranged for a crossed cheque made payable to “ACM Pte Ltd".

Please refer to the Fee Structure on the instalment plan. Do take note that FULL PAYMENT in ADVANCE for the course fee will not be accepted.

ACM Course Fees Information 2023

How to register?

Submission of registration form in any mode does not imply that a student is registered for the course.
Registration will be confirmed when the following documents are received by (“ACM”).

To register, kindly proceed to the online submission below:

SDCA Pre-Registration Form Submission

SDCA Online Enrolment Form Submission

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1. Registration Form Online submission X X
2. Form 12 Advisory Note Online submission X X
3. Personal Data Protection Act Consent Form Online submission X X
4. Student Enrolment Information Form Online submission X -
5. Inter-Bank GIRO (IBG) Form Download form & submit ORIGINAL X -
6. Passport Size Photograph Upload file
upon enrolment
X -
7. Copy of Exemption Letter/ Email from ACM Upload file
upon enrolment
X -
8. Copy of Student’s NRIC / Permit Upload file
upon enrolment
X -
9. Copy of Student’s Certificate & Transcripts Upload file
upon enrolment
X -
10. Sample of Student Contract  Download to view sample X X
*11. Company-Sponsored Declaration From - For Company-Sponsored student only Download form & return scanned copy X X
**The online registration is only a pre-registration, student's enrollment will be confirmed upon receiving students complete documents and payment.